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Welcome to the world as seen through my eyes! My name is Teri Hoppel and I am the owner of Rissa Designs! I have been in the interior design industry for the last 30 years, which means I have seen and experienced every kind of interior design project you can think of. With that knowledge and experience in mind, I started my own business in order to be at the forefront of every single project and in order to work in close collaboration with my clients. At Rissa Designs, I offer my clients a unique and personal design that incorporates their unique style and belongings into a new and freshly designed and/or decorated space. As someone who also works with architects and home builders and developers, I can also assist you in providing new curb appeal for your home with new architectural details, fresh paint choices, new landscaping, and exterior lighting that can highlight the fine features of your home! 
Rissa Designs is a full service firm that covers you on all fronts. I can help with your designs and renovations, I can offer quality home staging services for living and selling, and I can help with monitoring construction projects for schedule and contract compliance. Rissa Designs can offer you a variety of services that are in line with what you need. When I work with you, I can also work as your personal shopper for the home, gifts or office. And if you ever need help with travel arrangements, dinner reservations, party preparation—you name it—I also work as a personal assistant based on contractual agreements.
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